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Learn How to Play Deuces Wild Poker

Deuces Wild poker uses many of the same rules as a traditional game of Five Card Stud with just one major alternative--all of the twos, or 'deuces', in the game are declared wild and can therefore be used to complete any poker hand. is dedicated to providing you with limitless resources and venues for playing the game online. That's why we will hook you up to the best casino sites, guides, and bonuses, so you can expand your knowledge and improve your game skills quickly. The CasinoDeJeux guide will show you how to take full advantage of the free bonuses and play poker on the best French casino sites. You are most welcome.

Basic Rules

Deuces Wild is played with a traditional 52-card deck; the Joker cards are always removed. Players are dealt five cards each, to start. The objective of the game is to create the poker hand with the highest value, ranging from the hand with the highest card to a Royal Flush. In doing so, all of the twos in the deck are considered wild. This means that the player can use these cards to complete other poker hands. After each player has received his or her cards, the player may then decide to return up to four of the cards for replacements or fold his or her hand. Once all of the replacement cards have been dealt, the hands are compared and the winner is paid out accordingly.

Deuces Wild Video Poker

Due to the overwhelming popularity of the game, it has also become a common and highly valued video poker variation. It can not only be found in land-based casinos all over the world, but it also takes up residence in most online casinos, as well. The casino game rules are virtually the same but rather than the player sitting at a table with other players and a house dealer, the machine does the dealing and the player is only wagering with the house. In most video poker variations of the game, the player must create a hand that is comprised of a pair of Jacks or better in order to earn a payout.

Free Variations

There is no denying that this is a very popular game in both the card and video versions, so it comes as no surprise that hundreds of online venues are happy to offer a free version of the game to their patrons. This is the very same game that is offered in a paid variant, but it is played with credits rather than real cash. Of course, players should note that free games are not associated with any real cash payouts; some venues have free play leaderboards and prizes for those who manage to climb the ranks. If you prefer to bet on poker instead of playing the game, then you could alternatively join an online sportsbook and bet on poker events. The best sports gambling sites offer odds on all major tournaments. Our website doesn't specialize in sports betting, which means you'll need to visit a website such as for the best online bookies.

Finding a Venue

The good news is that most of the online casinos that are available online these days offer Deuces Wild in a video poker variant. For example here you will find the new UK online casinos you can play Deuces Wild in and get free casino bonus to try it before you make a real money deposit. However, there are only a handful of venues that will offer this as a traditional multi-player card game. Here at, we have not only provided resources for playing the game, but we have also provided plenty of venues where the game in all of its available forms can be found. Royal Flush'em is a company established by Canadian poker players, so we have experience in recommending both USA and casino Canada sites that are well established and ready for you to join right now.

Anyone who is interested in playing video poker--or even those who enjoy playing traditional Five- or Seven- Card stud--will be sure to enjoy Deuces Wild poker. It is nothing more than a simple twist on a classic casino game.

If you are looking for a strategy, we have the most effective strategy for the game listed here on our website. In this variation, the four two's can be used as any card in the deck even to make five of a kind. The minimum winning hand in this version of a popular card caper is three of a kind. Using a strategy can help to increase your chances of winning. The most effective strategy for the game has five variations and each variation depends on whether there are twos in the first five cards dealt. There are different things that you need to do depending on whether you have one, two, three or four twos in the hand you are dealt. This strategy is explained in full on our website and should help you to get more out of your gameplay.

About Royal Flush'em

Royal Flush'em is a team of professional poker player who banded together to share their expert knowledge. Their website is packed full of useful information on everything poker related and their mission is to make this very popular card game more accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Having launched in 2012, they are proving very popular.