Deuces Wild Video Poker Games give Players a Wild Time

Deuces Wild is a variation of the ever popular video poker with the main difference being that all 4 of the 2's in the deck of cards are wild. As wild cards, the 2's or deuces can replace any other card and can complete any ranking to help players have winning hands. This gives Deuces Wild poker hands an extra exciting twist for all the players.

Same Cards in a Hand

Five of a Kind is one example that is made up of 5 cards of similar value and can include 2's in the Deuces Wild game. This will pay out 16, 15 or 12 for each coin bet. Four of a kind works the same way except with 4 cards of similar value in which 2's can be included. The payment is 5 or 4 for each coin bet. Three of a Kind is the lowest paying option in the game. It consists of 3 cards with similar value, and pays 1 for each coin bet.


The Flush occurs when there are 5 cards that are not consecutive from the same suit. It pays 3 or 2 from each coin bet. The Straight Flush has 5 successive cards from the same suit. For example, a 10, 9, 8, 7 and 6 would be a Straight Flush, and this will pay 10, 9 or 8 for each coin bet. The Royal Flush is the highest paying total in the game and is made up of the Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10 of the same suit. It will pay 4,000 or more coins for a 5-coin bet, and it will pay 250 coins for each coin bet on a 1 to 4 coin bet. A Wild Royal Flush is a Royal Flush that is completed using one or more deuces, which are wild cards, and it will pay 25 or 20 for each coin bet since it is simpler to obtain.

The Full House

A Full House is made up of 3 of one number and 2 of another, so essentially a three of a kind and a pair in which the suits mean nothing. This pays out 3 or 4 for each coin bet. A Full House is one of the easiest totals to get in this particular variant of video poker, too and it has a moderate payout.

Deuces make the Game Wild

Making all 2's wild and able to help in the completion of any combination at all is what makes this form of video poker particularly exciting for all players. Whether playing online with other gamers, or playing with personal friends, this title makes for great fun!