Easy-to-Follow Tips That Will Help You Win

A good Deuces Wild strategy can help players who are fans of this unique video poker game make better choices when it comes to gameplay and make more money overall. Before implementing any such techniques, however, players need to understand that this game is played much like five-card draw with the exception of all of the twos, otherwise known as deuces, being wild. With this being said, the pay scale associated with the game and the hands that actually earn a payout at all differ from traditional variants of this casino classic. For instance, players are required to obtain three of a kind here before they win even money.

Know Which Cards to Hold

The first part of any good Deuces Wild video poker strategy involves learning which cards to hold and in what situations. For instance, players who would normally keep a single high card should try something different because a three of a kind is needed for a payout instead of a high pair. In most cases, players should always keep pairs and discard everything else. There are some situations in which it is best to ignore this general rule, though, and these are discussed below.

When to Risk it

Let's say that a player has a hand that consists of the 10, Jack, Queen, and Ace of Hearts as well as the Ace of Spades. While the basic Deuces wild poker strategy would tell that player to hold the Aces for a shot at another - or even a wild deuce - this player is only one card away from completing a royal flush. In this case, it is almost always best to go for it. The potential payouts are huge and there is only one real way to be a winner!

Multiple Cards

There are some situations in which players should always hold onto their cards, as well. For instance, if a player receives multiple deuces in his or her hand, then this can immediately lend to a four of a kind that also pays out quite nicely. Always keep the deuces and discard everything else; if the third, fourth or fifth deuce turns up, the payouts can be substantial here. Players who create flushes, straights or full houses without discards should never give these up in hopes of something better, either. These are always guaranteed payouts.

Understanding the Odds

Every Deuces Wild strategy out there is based upon the odds of receiving the cards it takes to complete certain hands. Thus, it should be understood that a natural royal flush (one without any wilds) can only be created in one in a million hands. All four deuces, the next-highest paying hand, occurs only once in every 55,000 hands. The next hand on the list, the five of a kind which is created with three deuces and a pair, occurs only once in every 4125 hands. This is how these strategies are developed and why players should be sure to pay attention and implement them as much as possible.